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Irrigation Districts

Bow River Irrigation District

Eastern Irrigation District

St. Mary River Irrigation District

Western Irrigation District

Raymond Irrigation District

AETNA Irrigation District, Leavitt Irrigation District

Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District, Magrath Irrigation District

Mountain View Irrigation District, Raymond Irrigation District

Ross Creek Irrigation District, Taber Irrigation District

United Irrigation District

Watershed and Stewardship Organizations

Alberta Stewardship Network

Bow River Basin Council

Elbow River Watershed Partnership

Oldman Watershed Council

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

South East Alberta Watershed Alliance

Canada Alberta Crop Development Initiative

Government of Alberta, Key Water Sites

Alberta Irrigation Secretariat

Alberta Environment

Alberta Environment, Alberta River Basins

Alberta Environment, Legislation

Alberta Environment, Forms

Alberta Environment, Groundwater, Surface Water Quality

Alberta Environment, Science and Knowledge

Alberta Environment, Facts and Information

Alberta Environment, Water

Alberta Environment, Water Conservation

Alberta Environment, Water Information Centre

Alberta Environment, Water Management Operations

Alberta Environment, Water Management Plans

Water for Life, Alberta's Strategy for Sustainability

Water for Life

Secure Drinking Water Supply

Healthy Aquatic Ecosystems

Reliable Quality Water Supplies for a
Sustainable Economy

Facts and Information About Alberta's Water

Alberta Water Council

Alberta Water Council, Members

Alberta Water Council, Meeting Summaries